Big Sciota: Guitar

Big Sciota, sometimes called Big Scioty, is a popular tune at bluegrass and old time Jams. It has a cool vi minor chord in there that is fun to play. The PDF below includes melody, chords, and the G major scale and arpeggio for practice. If you are interested in one on one lessons contact... Continue Reading →

Billy in the Low Ground: Guitar

Billy in the Low Ground is a popular tune for guitarists and it's been recorded by many of the greats. Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Brian Sutton, and Clarence White all have really good recordings. This is a pretty simple version of the tune with Chords, Melody, and some basic info on the Key of C... Continue Reading →

Kickoffs and Potatoes

A kickoff is something you play as a way to start a tune. Different tunes might call for different kickoffs depending on things like the starting note, the key, the time signature, and the overall vibe of the tune. This lesson will cover some basic kickoffs that you can apply to songs with different starting... Continue Reading →

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