The Devils Dream

I first learned this tune from a young fiddler who was trying out fiddles at the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park Md. I liked the flow of the tune and I really loved the name so I went right home and learned it. There are not a whole lot of tunes that I... Continue Reading →

Salt Creek Guitar

Salt creek is a tune that people generally like to play fast. It is an A mixolydian tune and on guitar it is usually played out of a G position with a capo on the second fret. Mixolydian tunes usually have a bVII chord which is G major if the root is A. Since we... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Before Breakfast: Guitar

This is one of the first fiddle tunes I ever learned. I think some people capo this up to the second fret and play from a C position but play this one without a capo. If you are interested in one on one lessons contact me Here whiskey-before-breakfast-guitar-lessonDownload

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