Kickoffs and Potatoes

A kickoff is something you play as a way to start a tune. Different tunes might call for different kickoffs depending on things like the starting note, the key, the time signature, and the overall vibe of the tune. This lesson will cover some basic kickoffs that you can apply to songs with different starting... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Lesson I chose this as my first song lesson because in addition to being beautiful and recognizable it is also very easy to play and it is often left out of beginning banjo books. Im going to run you through a step by step progression to help you learn the harmony and the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Banjo Notebook

I started this site as a place to put up some of the banjo arrangements that I put together for my students. You will find some lessons on developing technique, tabs of familiar fiddle tunes and songs, and some thoughts and tips on banjo topics. If you are interested in lessons or you just want... Continue Reading →

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